Private Family Tours

Location : The Key sightseeing spots on Santorini Island ♥ & The most recommended Greek Restaurants : Available for All Year Round!

Max Group Capacity 50 People.
Custom Itinerary made for every kind of person! Santorini Private Tours in the most Luxury Mercedes Vehicles. Fully Air conditioned.

Private VIP Transfers

elope1Pick up: Anywhere that a car can go we will go! ♥ VIP Transfers in Santorini.

Max Capacity : Depending on the individuals attending
Private Luxury Transfers in Santorini Island. VIP Transfers. Ideal for wedding transportation or individual Safety and Satisfaction guarantee Private Transfers!

Volcano Tours

elope1Starting Point : The port of Fira ♥

Semi – Private and Private Volcano Tours
Have a Santorini Volcano Tour on a Traditional Wood Sailing Boats (Pirate looking) with greek music and enjoy your morning of a sunny day in Santorini!

Photo Tours

elope1Tour Type : A romantic ♥ and fun activity for couples , groups and individuals!

Max Photo Tour group capacity: 20 people (seating for 30)
Visit the most stunning places on Santorini Island and capture that every moment with a professional photographer by your side!

Private Boat Tours

elope1Santorini Boat Tours ♥ & Private Boat Tours

For Groups or Families up to 18 people
Book your Private Yacht or your Private Rib Cruise in Santorini And be the one of many that remember that amazing experience in Santorini Island. Grill on Board and drinks for refreshment!

Sailling Tours

elope1Santorini Sailing Tours ♥ & Semi-private Sailing Tours

For up to 18 people
Step on board of a Luxury Catamaran Sailing boat or a Monohull Sailing Boat and Start your beautiful morning or evening cruise in the Island of Santorini. Visit the Volcano and the hot springs and Grill on board with your crew friends and captain! Drinks Included.

Wine Tours

elope1Location : Oia, Kamari ♥ & Pyrgos.

For up to 50 guests (seating for 30)
Santorini Wine Tours are for those who love Wine Tasting and would like to know where the best Vinsanto origins! See the way wine was made in Santorini 100 years ago and how it’s made today. Visit Wineries all over Santorini!

Donkey Tours

elope1Location : Traditional Paths of Santorini with archaeological buildings ♥ & Santorini Caldera. Recommended for the adventurous type and fun haver! Get the chance to feed your donkey and ride around Santorini’s grounds the traditional way!

Available for a max capacity of 10 Donkeys
Donkey Tours in Santorini lets you know and experience the island’s transportation 30 years ago!

Helicopter Tours

elope1Starting Point : Between Fira ♥ Pyrgos , Oia Or Megalochori.

For up to 4 people at a time!
Santorini Helicopter tours have been a trend for a couple of years now. Book your Helicopter tour today and fly above the Volcano and into the Caldera! View the Island from right above!