Santorini Taxi Rates

santorini taxi rates

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The matter of Transportation is a big deal, Especially when you are on Vacation in a Different country!

In Santorini we understand that and we try to make your transportation as comfortable as possible! Santorini houses luxury Mercedes taxis fully air-conditioned in order to guarantee your satisfaction! Even a Santorini Taxi is difficult to find sometimes when the population is so large for such a small island, Thus we created an online booking system to pre-book your taxi transfers and never have to face that issue!

If you’d like to have an idea about Taxi Rates Visit our page and scroll to the bottom!

Santorini Taxi :

 Just 40 Taxis for 40 thousand people are just not enough sometimes. Therefore Booking online is a great way to make sure that you will be on time to your destination.

 The furthest destinations from Fira which is the Capital of Santorini and the Taxi base are, Oia and Perissa. You can see a bit of information about any village of Santorini at This Link and decide where you will be traveling today!

Our  Cars:

Our Cars are in top conditions above the Euro requirements. Clean in and out. Interior of comfortable cushions, Space for enough luggage for up to 5 people.