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santorini private toursSantorini Private Tours with luxury Mercedes mini bus up to as many seats are you like

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  We specialize in  Santorini private tours with ease and stress free day tour in Santorini!

For all cruise ships clients that are taking private tours in Santorini, will be coming out from Fira Port “Skala”  Fira Port Skala photos and information

See Santorini in one day with a local guide driver ! We will see the whole island and explain all the details about Santorini during the tour.

We offer excellent service with years of experience and friendly English speaking tour guides/drivers with low cost in Santorini and we can always provide you with a Tour Guide that speaks your native language. We offer Private Tours with our new 2015 Mercedes Benz fully air-conditioned minibuses. Whether you are interested in group or a family private tour of Santorini, We guarantee the best service with always the best prices on the Island!

  The Santorini Private Tour last about 5 hours we can extend the tour for 1  or 2 hours more with no extra cost, Your car will be a  luxury Mercedes mini bus fully Air condition and sparkly clean so you can be very comfortable during your tour in Santorini!

  Our English speaking Guide drivers will explain everything to you about the most beautiful Island of Greece, Santorini and they will also take you to the most beautiful locations for pictures.

Pick up info:

  A private tour will last for approximately 5 hours, and usually start at 10 am but is really up to you what time you would like to start your private tour. If  you come on a cruise ship, we will meet you on top of the cable car. We will be waiting in front of the cable car holding a sign with your name on it. Our usually pick up time is at 10:00AM if your ship comes  in the morning at around 7:00AM. However, since this is a private tour and is only for you and your family, we are very flexible and we can start the tour at any time is best for you and for your family .

 Note: This is a private tour and we will drive you to places that only with a local you will explore.

 This is a five hour program but is not a fixed program as our aim is to please you. Upon your arrival, we will make the program you think is the best for you and your family. You will see the entire island, you will just decide where you want to spend more time and in the meantime you can shop, swim and have lunch.

Tour Duration : 5 – 6 hours   – See Photos

 Private Tour info :

 vianosantoriniAmong other places you will visit, Oia village is a dream for every photographer, and Fira town has a wealth of breathtaking views.  On  our tour we will Visit one of the wineries overlooking the volcano to see the beautiful view of Santorini which is our famous caldera one more time from a different angle.

  Starting from the stunning village of Oia, we will walk in the village and on the caldera side so as to see the traditional shops and maybe get yourselves some souvenirs, clothes or even a drink if it’s a hot day.  After Oia We will stop at the the most beautiful black sandy beach of Santorini for swimming and lunch at a waterfront restaurant if you would like. After the lunch we will drive to our winery to enjoy the view along with some good quality wine and  up to the Prophet Elias mountain to see the monastery of Prophet Elias  that it was built in 1800 and the whole  Island from 1000 meters height.

Cancellation Policy !

 As for cancellation policy, if you cancel the tour 10 days before the tour, you get all your deposit back, or if the ship don’t come to Santorini because of the weather, you will not be charged for anything. If you cancel one day before or if you don’t come for the tour you will loose your deposit. We will not charge the whole amount of the tour.

 We have the knowledge and experience to show and convey all of this and more. Our private and small-group tours will make your visit a once-in-a-lifetime experience. We are flexible and responsive to your priorities, needs, pace and interests.

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santorini private tours


Cost Information

 The Private Tour is  300 euros for up to 4 persons, for every extra person it will be 25 Euros more.  If the group is more than 10 people, we will make a special price. As a bonus We offer a free photo session during your tour and at the end of the tour we will give you all the photos burned onto a cd so you can print or copy them. Or if you would prefer, we can take your photos with your own camera so you will be in the photos of your camera for a change!

 I am aware of the competitors prices but in order to offer you a cheaper price I would have to lower the quality of our services. All of our guides and drivers arenative to Greece and live in Santorini, speaking fluent  English. I prefer to have fewer but happy customers, offering you the quality your deserve! After all, you came all the way just to see our home land and for me, that is an honor.

 All of our vehicles and drivers are non smoking and we all speak fluent English!



 If you wish to proceed with your tour, please click the button below, fill the form and send it back to me via email. We require a 100 euro deposit and you pay the balance after the tour.
If you wish to cancel, it has to be done 3 days before the tour, otherwise you will be charged the full amount and the same if you don’t show. You will not be charged if the weather will not allow you to come off shore or if there is a mechanical problem with the ship! If this is the case, the port authority here sends us an official fax confirming your situation so you will be covered.

 Once I receive the form, I will confirm your tour and send you meeting instructions. Please inform us of the final number of passengers at least 1 week before the tour.

 tour-lines-santoriniEscape the crowds! Better tours, personalized service.  Don’t pay high cruise line prices! Book Private tours with us and discover all the hinted corners of our beautiful island !

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