Akrotiri Santorini



Santorini Akrotiri
With the famous ruins.

The ruins of Akrotiri, are believed to be evidence that the civilization that previously populated the island may have been that of Atlantis. First discovered by the French archaeologist Professor Spyridon Marinatos after an eruption in 1866, the rest of the city was later unearthed after being preserved for years by volcanic ash.


Many of the beautiful frescoes and artefacts that were excavated at Akrotiri have been re-located to various museums around Greece, such as the Archaeological Museums found in Fira Town and in Athens on the mainland. The houses date back as far as the late 16th century BC and can be as tall as three stories high.


Many of the staircases are intact and clearly visible, and there is evidence of a drainage system, the remains of a mill, a pottery, and storage rooms.